Austin Employment Law Practice Areas

The Austin employment lawyers at Rob Wiley, P.C. are dedicated to representing employees in lawsuits against their employers. In fact, Rob Wiley, P.C. is one of the only Texas law firms solely dedicated to representing employees, not employers.

Employment law in Texas can be a maze filled with traps for employees. For example, many employment disputes must be brought within a short period of time or the employee may lose their rights. Thus, it is important to contact one of our Austin employment attorneys immediately if you feel you have a claim against an employer.

Our Austin employment attorneys represent employees in a wide range of claims. Contact us if you have any of the following types of claims against your employer.

            Austin Age Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Disability Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Gender Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin National Origin Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Race Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Religion Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Retaliation Lawyer
            Austin Sexual Harassment Lawyer
            Austin Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawyer
      Fair Pay Violations
            Austin Overtime Lawyer
            Austin Benefits Lawyer
            Austin Minimum Wage Lawyer
            Austin Unpaid Wages Lawyer
            Austin Equal Pay Lawyer
            Austin Unemployment Lawyer
            Austin Retaliation Lawyer
            Austin Tipped Employee Lawyer

            Austin Family and Medical Leave Lawyer
            Austin Military Leave Lawyer
            Austin Retaliation Lawyer
            Austin Maternity & Paternity Leave Lawyer
            Austin Medical Leave Lawyer

      Government Employees
            Austin MSPB Rights Lawyer
            Austin Discrimination Lawyer
            Austin Whistleblower Protection Lawyer
            Austin Retaliation Lawyer