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Our Austin Employment Attorneys Protect Against Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceOur Austin sexual harassment lawyers represent employees in disputes with their employers for sexual harassment. If you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, please an Austin employment lawyer today.

Sexual harassment  can takes many different forms.  For example, sexual harassment can occur in the form of sexually charged jokes and statements, threats, unsolicited offensive physical contact, and other forms of lewd inappropriate behavior. Sexual harassment can even occur with members of the same sex.
Sexual harassment law is very broad. In fact, an employee bringing a sexual harassment claim does not have to be the person harassed; the employee only needs to be affected by the offensive conduct.

Our Austin Employment Lawyers Will Help You Report Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
For a company to be liable for sexual harassment, the company must know or should have known that the sexual harassment occurred and failed to take actions to prevent it from occurring again. Thus, one of the best ways for an employ to protect themselves after being sexually harassed is to complain to the employer. The law forbids employer from retaliating against employees who complain about sexual harassment in the workplace.
If you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment, contact our Austin sexual harassment attorneys today.

Contact An Austin Employment Lawyer TodayThe laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace can be complicated, and employees often have a short deadline to their claims.  If you are the victim of sexual harassment, contact our Austin employment lawyers immediately.