Austin Public Employee Discrimination Lawyers

Our Austin Employment Lawyers Represent Government Employees Against DiscriminationOur Austin employment lawyers represent federal employees who have been discriminated against by their government employers.  If you are a federal employee and have been the victim of workplace discrimination, contact our Austin federal employee discrimination lawyers today.

Unlike most private employees, government employees often enjoy a great protection from harassing or discriminatory behavior by federal employers. For example, government employers are often prevented from discriminating against federal employees because of sexual orientation, parental status, political affiliation, and numerous other protected classes. If you are a federal employer and have experienced discrimination in the workplace, contact our Austin federal employee discrimination lawyers today.

Government Employees Often Have Short Time Frames to Report DiscriminationUnfortunately, government employees often have short time periods in which they must report discrimination. For instance, most federal government employees must contact an EEO counselor at their agency within 45 days of a discriminatory action.

In addition to the protections federal employees receive, many state employers offer grievance procedures for employee who are subjected to unlawful workplace discrimination. If you are a federal or state government employee and
have been subject to workplace discrimination or retaliation, contact our Austin public employee discrimination lawyers today.

Contact an Austin Employment Attorney ImmediatelyEmployment law deadlines are often extremely short, and if an employee misses a deadline, the employee may waive their claims.  Therefore, contact our Austin discrimination attorneys today if you have a claim against your employer.