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Ten Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Texas Employment Lawyer

Having practiced employment law for over a decade, I know it can be difficult to find a qualified employment lawyer in Texas. Most of our clients have never had to hire a lawyer before. Allow me to suggest ten questions that you should ask as you search for the best employment lawyer for you.

10. What percentage of your practice is devoted to employment law?

The Law Office of Rob Wiley, P.C. devotes almost all of our practice to employment law.

9. Do you typically represent workers or businesses?

Over 99% of our clients are employees. Our Dallas employment attorneys aggressively argue for enforcing and expanding worker rights. Because we do not represent employers, we are not concerned about alienating business clients by fighting hard for workers.

8. Are you a Texas attorney who is Board Certified in Labor & Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization?

Yes. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified Rob Wiley as a Specialist in Labor and Employment Law.

7. Does your law firm have the resources to handle my case?

With eight full time attorneys and offices in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, we have the resources to handle most cases.

6. Are you are real law firm or just a sole practitioner?

We are a real law firm that works together as a team.

5. What do other employment lawyers think about you?

Dallas employment lawyer Rob Wiley has an excellent reputation.  Mr. Wiley is an elected member of the Dallas Bar Association's Employment Law Council, is the past president of the Dallas-Fort Worth Employment Lawyers Association, is a 2014 SuperLawyer, and has been invited to speak at lawyer training conferences across the United States and internationally.

4. Have you ever been reprimanded or disciplined by a bar association?

No. You can verify attorney disciplinary history at www.texasbar.com.

3. Will you meet with me face-to-face for an initial consultation?

Yes. We strongly believe in face-to-face meetings. Most employment cases are complex and our Dallas employment lawyers want to meet with you in person to have a meaningful discussion of your case.

2. Will I meet with an actual attorney for my initial consultation?

Yes. Unlike some firms we do not use paralegals or non-lawyer staff for initial consultations.

1. Do you charge an initial consultation fee?  If not, why not?

We charge a standard initial consultation fee of $75 to prospective clients. I believe that most reputable employment attorneys charge for an initial consult. In my opinion, employment lawyers who do not charge for an initial consult are generally not very good.

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