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Unemployment benefits vary greatly from state-to-state. Generally, to be eligible for unemployment you must have been employed for a qualifying length of employment. Benefits may depend on how long you were employed by your last employer, how long you were employed in a particular State, and your wages.

Our unemployment attorneys will fight for your unemployment benefits. If you were told that you are not eligible for unemployment because your employer did not properly report you, or classified you as a contractor instead of as an employee, you may still have a claim.

You may be required to file a claim with the workforce commission to obtain benefits. Often this can be done in person at a state office, via telephone, or over the internet.

Usually, you must be eligible to work and looking for work to receive benefits.

If you properly make a claim, but are denied unemployment, you probably have a right to appeal. However, there are short deadlines that must be met to make sure an appeal is timely filed.

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