Austin Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Our Austin Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyers Fight for Employee RightsThe Austin employment lawyers at Rob Wiley, P.C. represent employees who are victims of pregnancy discrimination. Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is against the law.  If you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination, contact our Austin pregnancy discrimination lawyers today.

Employers should treat pregnancy employees the same way the employer treats other employee.  If the employer does not treat pregnant employees equally, the employer will have violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Discrimination Against Pregnant Employees Who Take Leave is ProhibitedOur Austin pregnancy discrimination lawyers represent female employees who are retaliated against for taking leave.  The FMLA clearly allows qualified employees the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave each year.  This medical leaves can be used for pregnancy.  The FMLA also mandates that an employer cannot discriminate against an employee because the employee took medical leave for a pregnancy.

Additionally, an employer is not allowed to create rules or policies that would prevent an employer from returning to work for a predetermined amount of time after the a child is born.  Contact our Austin pregnancy discrimination lawyers if you have been subjected to pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

Contact An Austin Pregnancy Discrimination AttorneyContact an Austin employment lawyer if you are the victim of pregnancy discrimination or have been denied maternity or paternity leave.  Our Austin pregnancy discrimination attorneys fight for employee rights. Let us fight for your rights