Austin Medical Leave Lawyers

Our Austin Employment Attorneys Fight For Your FMLA RightsOur Austin employment lawyers represent employee who have either been denied medical leave or have been retaliated against for taking medical for a personal medical condition.  The Family and Medical Leave Act gives qualified employees the right to take medical leave to treat a serious medical condition. The FMLA also prohibits discrimination and retaliation based on the fact that an employee has taken FMLA leave. Contact our Austin employment lawyers if you have been the victim of unlawful retaliation because you took medical leave.

What are the FMLA guidelines?To be eligible for FMLA leave, you must:
  1. have worked for a year or more,
  2. have worked 1,250 hours in the prior year, and
  3. the employer must have 50 employees who work within 75 miles of your worksite. 
However, the FMLA covers many local government and public educational employees, whether or not the employees match the above description.

How Much Leave Does the FMLA Allow?The FMLA guidelines allow employees the ability to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off each year.  This leave can either be for a personal medical condition or to care for a member of the immediate family with a serious health condition.

Contact an Austin Employment Attorney TodayIf you believe have been denied the right to take FMLA leave or if you have been retaliated against for taking FMLA leave, contact our Austin employment lawyer lawyers today.