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Government and public employee whistleblowers often enjoy extra protection beyond that of whistleblowers in the private sector.

On the federal level, the Office of Special Counsel investigates many whistleblower complaints of federal employees. This agency, as well as the Merit System Protection Board and other agencies, protect federal employers who are retaliated against because of their whistleblowing activities.

On the state and local level, government workers receive a variety of protections. This may include internal grievance procedures for whistleblowers and appeal rights. This may also include laws giving special protection to government whistleblowers.

Private sector workers who discover that their employer is defrauding the federal government or a state government may also have special protection as whistleblowers.

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Unfortunately, retaliation remains a real problem in the modern workplace. If you suspects that you may be retaliated against, or you have been retaliated against, you should immediately submit your case.