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Our Overtime Lawyers Represent Employees in Claims for Unpaid WagesThe employment lawyers represent employees who have been denied the wages they are owed by the employer.  If your employer owes you unpaid overtime wages, contact our overtime lawyers today.
Sadly, employers often fail to pay employees the wages they desire.  Federal wage laws require that almost every employee receive minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.  Additionally, federal wage laws require employers to pay almost every employee overtime for every hour worked over forty hours in a work.  However, employers often intentionally fail to follow the law.

Tipped Employee OvertimeEven tipped employees are owed overtime wages.  If you are a tipped employee and not being paid overtime for the hours you work over forty hours a week, you are probably being paid incorrectly.  You would be surprised how much money an employer may owe you for failing to pay overtime.
Laws regarding the payment of tipped employees is complicated and employer often hide behind this to intentionally pay tipped employees less then they are owed.  If you are a tipped employee are not being paid properly, contact our overtime lawyers today.

Employers Often Misclassify Employees as Exempt and Fail to Pay OvertimeAlthough employers often treat employees as exempt employees that are not paid overtime wages, only certain high-level managers, administrators, and professionals may be paid a salary in lieu of overtime. There are very few exceptions to this real.  However, employers will often take every opportunity to take advantage of employees.

When an employer mistakenly pays a worker by salary or commission, but should have been paying hourly wages with overtime, it is called “misclassification.” Employers commonly make mistakes and misclassify employees. An employee who is misclassified may be owed hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in underpaid wages.

Many employees mistakenly believe that they do not have an overtime claim because the employer pays them a salary. This is completely wrong. The law, not the employer, dictates who can be paid a salary and who must be paid hourly. An employer who only pays a salary and should have been paying hourly with overtime is violating the law if the employee works over forty hours in a workweek.

Contact Our Overtime LawyersThe employment lawyers at Rob Wiley, P.C. have experience with overtime claims. Our firm has filed dozens of class actions on behalf of employees seeking unpaid wages, including overtime. We aggressively pursue unpaid overtime and minimum wage claims.

Claims for unpaid overtime must be brought within a certain period of time.  Please contact an overtime attorney if you even suspect that you are owed unpaid overtime wages.
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