Termination/ MSPB

The Texas employment lawyers at Rob Wiley, P.C. represent federal workers in termination disputes, including cases in federal court and before the Merit Systems Protection Board. We have offices in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio and invite you to submit your case.

Unlike private employees, federal employees who are terminated often have the right to have the decision reviewed by the Merit Systems Protection Board (commonly referred to as the "MSPB"). This agency protects the civil service system of the United States. Ordinarily, the MSPB has jurisdiction over terminations, removals, suspensions, furloughs, and demotions. The MSPB also has jurisdiction over decisions involving a federal government worker's retirement benefits.

The MSPB is not limited to reviewing claims of discrimination, retaliation, whistle-blowing, and other employer wrongdoing. Rather, the MSPB enforces a myriad of regulations to determine whether or not a particular employment decision was fair. In some instances, the MSPB will overturn an adverse employment decision because the employer failed to follow all the procedural regulations. This could include giving adequate and proper notice, giving the employee an opportunity to correct performance issues, and treating employees with performance issues in a fair and consistent manner. The MSPB may review the rationale for the adverse employment decision. If an employment decision is unfair or unjustified, the MSPB may overturn such a decision.

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A federal employee who seeks to appeal an adverse action to the MSPB has strict deadlines that must be followed. Therefore, it is important that an employee be aware of and adhere to these deadlines. We have an office in Dallas. If you are a federal employee and believe that you were wrongfully terminated or disciplined, you should immediately submit your case.