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Our Employment Lawyer Fight Against Race Discrimination by EmployersThe race discrimination lawyers represent employees who are victims of race discrimination in the workplace. If you have suffered from race discrimination, please contact our employment lawyers today.

Both federal and state laws prohibit race discrimination in the workplace. Sadly, many employers ignore the laws and continued to harass and discriminate against employees because of their race.
Race discrimination laws also prohibit discrimination against an employee because the employee is married to a member of another race. This also includes memberships or associations with ethnic-based organizations or groups and attendance in schools or places of worship that are generally associated with a certain race of individuals.

Our Employment Lawyers are Trained to Identify Various Forms of Race DiscriminationAlthough modern race discrimination in the employment context is not as obvious as it once way, race discrimination still often occurs in the employment context.  In fact, race discrimination takes various forms.  It not uncommon for race discrimination to be masked in layoffs, terminations, promotions, demotions, suspensions, and countless other ways. The law clearly states that an employer may not discriminate against an employee because of stereotypes and assumptions about abilities, traits, or the performance of racial groups.

Retaliation in the WorkplaceOur race discrimination lawyers are experienced at fighting for employees who are suffering from retaliation in the workplace. Employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who complain about race discrimination. This includes situations where a co-worker who is not the subject of the discrimination speaks out against the discrimination against another employee.

Additionally, that law prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee who files an EEOC complaint or participates in a lawsuit, administrative proceeding, or investigation.

Contact Our Employment LawyersOur employment attorneys represent employees in race discrimination disputes with their employers.  It is important to understand that employees have a limited amount of time to bring an claim for race discrimination. Therefore, if you are a victim of race discrimination in the workplace, you should contact our race discrimination lawyers immediately.
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