Austin MSPB Lawyers

Our Austin Employment Attorneys Represent Federal EmployeesOur Austin employment lawyers employment lawyers represent federal employees in disputes with their employers.  The disputes include disputes about terminations, discrimination, suspensions, demotions, and numerous other adverse employment actions.  Unlike public employees, employees of the federal government can appeal their termination decisions to the Merit Systems Protection Board (commonly referred to as the "MSPB").  If you have a claim to bring to the MSPB, contact our Austin MSPB lawyers today.

In addition to hearing cases regarding workplace discrimination and retaliation, the MSPB has jurisdiction to enforce numerous other regulations that impact the employment of government employees.  In successful, the MSPB could reverse an adverse employment action taken against a federal employee.

Contact an Austin Employment Lawyer to Discuss Your MSPB RightsThe deadlines to seek your MSPB rights are often very short, and an employee could waive their claim by missing a deadline.  If you have a claim and would like to bring it to the MSPB, contact our Austin MSPB attorneys today.