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Almost every employee is entitled to receive overtime pay for every hour worked over forty hours a week. These overtime pay laws place a heavy burden on employers when there is a dispute. You may be surprised how much money your employer owes you. Our Dallas overtime lawyers represent employees fighting against employers for unpaid overtime wages. Contact our Dallas employment lawyers today if you are owed overtime wages.

Understanding Overtime Pay Laws With limited exception, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to pay employees time and a half the regular rate of pay for every hour worked over forty hours a week.  There are some exceptions to this requirement.  However, the vast majority of employees are non-exempt employees by law and are owed overtime rates. Unfortunately, employers often take advantage of employees lack of legal knowledge and incorrectly classify employees as exempt.  For example, many employers will pay an administrative assistant a salary.  But administrative assistants are most likely not exempt employees and are owed overtime wages.
Damages for unpaid overtime add up quickly. Employers that violate the FLSA overtime requirements must pay (1) the unpaid overtime owed, (2) liquidated damages, which are double the actual damages, and (3) attorney fees. You may be surprised how quickly this adds up.
If you are owed overtime wages or want a better understanding of overtime laws in Texas, contact our Dallas overtime lawyers today.
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