Dallas Disability Discrimination Lawyers

Our Dallas disability discrimination lawyers represent employees suffering from disability discrimination in the workplace. Sadly, disability discrimination is common. If you have been subject to disability discrimination in the workplace, contact a Dallas discrimination attorney today.

Disability Discrimination in the Workplace and Reasonable Accommodations The Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") prohibits employers from discriminating against employee based on an actual or perceived disability.  The ADA was expanded in 2008. Now, "disability" includes things like diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, HIV/AIDS, severe anxiety, arthritis, and numerous other diagnosis that limit major life activities.
Once an employee informs an employer about a disability, the employer must provide a reasonable accommodation, if needed. Different disabilities will require a different reasonable accommodation.  For example, employees with diabetes my need extra breaks during the day to test their insulin level.  Other employees may need to take time off to see seek treatment.  The employer is obligated to provide such accommodations if doing so is reasonable.
If you have been discriminated against or if you have been denied a reasonable accommodation, contact a Dallas disability discrimination attorney today.

What are my disability rights in Texas? The ADA protects Texas employees from workplace discrimination. Additionally, Texas state law provides similar protections for employees suffering from disability discrimination in the workplace. Contact our Dallas discrimination lawyers immediately if you are a victim of workplace discrimination.  The deadlines are short, so contact us immediately.