San Antonio Unpaid Wage Lawyer

Our San Antonio unpaid wage lawyers represent employees who have not been paid the appropriate wages. Contact our San Antonio employment attorneys if your employer owes you wages.

Laws for unpaid wages and commissions vary from state to state.  For example, different states may have different requirements for:
  • How frequently an employer must pay an employee;
  • How soon errors in pay must be corrected;
  • What type of deductions an employer may take;
  • How sick or vacation time is awarded and paid; and
  • How quickly you must be paid after termination.

A federal law, the Fair Labor Standards Act, also provides additionally requirements that employers in all states must follow.  For example, this law requires that salaried employees must be paid at least once a month and hourly employees be paid twice a month.

These laws are very specific and can become complicated.  If you have a claim for unpaid wages, contact our San Antonio employment lawyers immediately.