San Antonio Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Our San Antonio sexual harassment attorneys represent employees who are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.  Please contact our San Antonio employment lawyers if you have experienced sexual harassment at work.
Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is a common occurrence. The sexual harassment definition is broad and includes:
  • Sexual assault;
  • Jokes, emails, text messages, and phone calls that are harassing in nature;
  • Varies types and levels of stalking;
  • Propositions for sex and unwelcome sexual advances;
  • Inappropriate touching and other forms of contact; 
  • Harassment between members of the same sex (Same-sex sexual harassment); and
  • A hostile work environment based on sexual harassment.

In addition to the above listed acts, sexual harassment may include numerous other actions or scenarios.  Contact our San Antonio discrimination lawyers today if you feel like you are the victim of sexual harassment.

Contact Our San Antonio Sexual Harassment Attorneys Immediately

Sometimes, there are certain requirements that must be before an employee can successfully sue for sexual harassment.  These requirements might require the employee to make a formal complaint in compliance with the company's policy.

Additionally, employees who are victims of sexual harassment often quit their jobs before contacting a lawyer to represent them.  This can have a negative impact on the ability for the employee to bring a suit for sexual harassment in the workplace.  Unless you think that you are in immediate physical danger, contact our San Antonio sexual harassment lawyers before you quit your job.