San Antonio National Origin Discrimination Lawyer

An employer may not discriminate against an employee because of the employee's national origin.  In fact, no matter whether you are Irish, Swedish, Chinese, Iraqi, American-Indian, Russian, or any other nationality, you are entitled to the same employment opportunities as any other employee.  Please contact our San Antonio employment attorneys if you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your national origin.
National Origin discrimination is not necessarily the same as race discrimination.  National Origin discrimination is when an employer discriminates against an employee because the employee is from a particular place, because of the employee's ethnicity, or because the employee has a particular accent.  An employer also may not discriminate against an employee because the employee is married to someone of a particular nationality.
Discrimination occurs in numerous ways.  For example, discrimination often occurs when employers hire, fire, layoff, or promote employees.  Discrimination may also occur when an employer alters any other term and condition of employment.
Contact our San Antonio discrimination lawyers if you are the victim of national origin discrimination in the workplace.

Our San Antonio Discrimination Lawyers Represent Employees Who Are Not CitizensSome federal and state laws protect individual employed in the U.S., regardless of citizenship. Contact our San Antonio employment lawyers to determine which laws protect you from discrimination.

Contact Our San Antonio Discrimination Attorneys ImmediatelyThere are short and strict deadlines that victims of employment discrimination must meet to bring a claim.  For example, federal employees generally only have 45 days to bring a claim.  Also, state and private employees generally have 180 to 300 days to bring a claim for discrimination.  These deadlines can vary depending on the nature of your claim. Thus, contact a San Antonio discrimination attorney immediately to preserve your rights.