San Antonio Minimum Wage Lawyer

Our San Antonio employment lawyers represent employees who are owed wages by their employers.  If your employer owes you wages, contact our San Antonio unpaid wage attorneys.

How Much is the Current Minimum Wage?The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour for every hour worked up to forty hours a week.  Some states and cities have adopted a minimum wage amount that is higher than the federal minimum wage.  In those state or cities, employers must pay their employers the higher between the federal or locally approved amount.

Common Minimum Wage ViolationsUnfortunately, employers commonly violate minimum wage laws and take advantage of employees who are owed unpaid wages. One of these common mistakes is not paying employees for all hours worked. for example, taking an employee off of the clock between jobs during a single shift or requiring an employee to arrive at work early without clocking in.
Another common mistake is with commission amounts.  For example, an employer may violate the law when a commission only employee is paid less than minimum wage.
Also, employers will sometimes exploit workers and pay them less than minimum wage.  Unfortunately, many employers prey on uneducated employees, minority workers, and non-citizens.  We are specially interested in these cases.  Contact our San Antonio employment lawyers if you are owed unpaid wages.