San Antonio Maternity/Paternity Leave Lawyer

Our San Antonio employment lawyers represent employees who have been unlawfully denied the right to take maternity or paternity leave.  Additionally, we represent employees who have faced discrimination in the workplace for taking maternity or paternity leave.  If you have been denied maternity or paternity leave, contact our San Antonio employment attorneys immediately.
Federal and state laws may require certain employers to give employees maternity and/or paternity leave. These laws often give the employee the right to take leave for either the birth or the adoption of a child.  Additionally, these laws are not limited to mothers.  Fathers are often given the right to take paternity leave.
In addition to allowing leave for the birth of a new baby, employers may not discriminate against an employee who is pregnant. If you have been discriminated against because you are pregnant or have been denied leave for the birth or adoption of a new child, contact our San Antonio employment lawyers today.

How Much Maternity or Paternity Leave Can an Employee Take?The Family and Medical Leave Act gives certain employees the right to take up to twelve weeks of maternity or paternity leave.  This leave can either be for the birth or placement of a new child in the home.  Some states and companies may provide for additional leave.

Contact Our San Antonio Discrimination Lawyers ImmediatelyThere are often short deadlines in employment law, and if you miss those deadlines then you might have waived your claim.  If you have been denied maternity leave or discriminated against for taking leave, contact our San Antonio employment lawyers immediately.