San Antonio Benefits Lawyer

Benefits are one of the most important aspects of employment.  Because of this, employers offer numerous types of benefits to employees.  These may include retirement account, severance plans, health insurance, vision insurance, education reimbursements, and other benefits.  Our San Antonio employment lawyers represent employees who have been denied benefits as part of unlawful discrimination in the workplace.

Employers May Not Discriminate Against Employees by Denying BenefitsUnfortunately,  some employers attempt to terminate older workers or workers with expensive medical conditions in order to decrease costs.  However, it is illegal to discriminate against employees and deprive them of their promised benefits.  Additionally, the law prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee who opposes discrimination. 
For example, an employer cannot fire an employee because he or she is more costly under a certain health insurance plan.  Similarly, an employer may be liable for discrimination if the employer terminates an employee just before his or her stock options, retirement benefits, or other benefits become vested.

Contact our San Antonio Discrimination Attorneys ImmediatelyOur San Antonio employment lawyers represent employees who are victims of discrimination.  If you have been discriminated against in the workplace or if you employer fails to pay your benefits, contact our San Antonio benefit lawyers today.