Dallas Unemployment Lawyers

Unemployment benefits are often essential for those who suddenly find themselves with income. Unemployment benefits are managed by the Texas Workforce Commission.  If you are denied your unemployment benefits, you have the right to file an appeal.  Our Dallas unemployment lawyers represent clients in unemployment appeal hearings.  Contact our Dallas unemployment attorneys if you are denied your unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Benefits in Texas A person seeking unemployment benefits in Texas must file for unemployment benefits with the Texas Workforce Commission. This can be done online or over the phone.  In determining eligibility, the Texas Workforce Commission will consider your length of employment with the current and previous employer and your wages. 
Once you file for unemployment, the Texas Workforce Commission will contact your previous employer and decide whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits in Texas.  In making this decision, the Texas Workforce Commission will be looking for workplace misconduct.  If you are denied unemployment benefits, you have a short time to appeal the decision.  If you are granted unemployment benefits, your previous employer has a short time frame to appeal.  If either party appeals, there will be a hearing to determine eligibility for unemployment benefits.
Our Dallas unemployment benefits attorneys represent clients who have been denied unemployment benefits.  If you have been denied unemployment, contact our Dallas unemployment lawyers today.