Dallas MSPB Lawyers

Unlike private employees, federal government employees can bring claims before the Merit System Protection Board (referred to as the "MSPB") in disputes about terminations, demotions, suspensions, and adverse employment actions.  Our Dallas MSPB lawyers represent employees and help them pursue their MSPB rights.  If you are a federal employee and want to bring a claim before the MSPB, contact our Dallas MSPB attorneys today.

What can the MSPB decide to do about a claim? The MSPB reviews disputes between employees and the federal government.  These disputes may include claims of discrimination and retaliation, as well as other forms of federal government wrongdoing.  Often times, the MSPB will overturn negative employment actions and restore employees back to their positions.
If you have been unjustly terminated, suspended, demoted, or otherwise adversly affected in your position, contact our Dallas MSPB lawyers today.