San Antonio Unemployment Lawyer

Our San Antonio employment attorneys represent employees in unemployment disputes and hearings.  Unemployment benefits are often a necessity for an employee.  If you have been denied your unemployment benefits, contact our San Antonio unemployment attorneys today.

Our San Antonio Employment Lawyers Represent Employees in Unemployment Hearings
Although unemployment benefits vary from state to state, to generally be eligible for unemployment you must have been employed for a certain length of time.  Often, the amount of your benefits will depend on how long you were employed by your previous employer.
Our San Antonio employment lawyers represent employees in unemployment hearings.  We will work with you to determine if you have a claim for unemployment.  If so, we will represent you at your unemployment hearing.
To obtain benefits, you must first file a claim with the workforce commission in your state.  For example, in Texas you must file with the Texas Workforce Commission.   Additionally, you must usually be eligible to work and currently seeking employment to receive unemployment benefits.
If you file a proper claim and are denied your unemployment benefits, you may have a right to an appeal.  Be cautious because the deadlines to appeal are short must must be followed. 
If you have been denied unemployment and want an employment attorney to represent you, contact our San Antonio unemployment lawyers today.