San Antonio MSPB Lawyer

Our San Antonio employment lawyers represent federal employers who have been unfairly treated and/or terminated in the workplace.  These disputes include both cases and hearings with the Merit Systems Protection Board ("MSPB") and federal court.  Contact our San Antonio employment lawyers if you are a federal employee and have had your MSPB rights violated.
Unlike private employees, federal employees who have been terminated may have the right to appeal the termination decision.  This appeal is normally to the MSPB.  The MSPB agency protects employees in the civil service systems from unfair and sometimes unlawful treatment.
The MSPB normally has jurisdiction over terminations, suspensions, demotions,  and some other disciplinary issues.  Additionally, the MSPB often has jurisdiction over decisions relating to the retirement benefits of federal government employees.
The MSPB decides employment-related disputes for claims for discrimination, retaliation, whiste-blowing, and other unfair wrongdoing. Sometimes, the MSPB will overturn these adverse employment decisions when an employer acted unlawfully or failed to follow the proper procedural requirements.
There are often extremely short deadlines for preserving your MSPB claims. If you are a federal employee and are the victim of discrimination, retaliation, and other unfair treatment, contact our San Antonio MSPB lawyers immediately.