Mesquite, TX

Mesquite, Texas is full of great music and shopping. The free summer series in Mesquite should keep you dancing all night long with live jazz music and outdoor concerts. The Law Office of Rob Wiley, P.C. serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex including and specifically Mesquite, Texas.

The Texas employment lawyers in our Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio offices represent employees in disputes with their Mesquite, Texas employers. Although Texas is has adopted employment "at will," employees still have rights in the workplace. For example, employers cannot discriminate against employees based on disability, age, national origin, race, religion, and other protected classes.  Employees are also protected from retaliation for reporting or opposing unlawful discrimination. 

In addition to laws prohibiting certain forms of discrimination and retaliation, federal laws regulate how employers pay employees. For example, federal law requires that salaried employees must be paid at least once a month while hourly employees must be paid at least twice a month. Federal law, not employers, also regulates who can be exempted from overtime and who must be paid hourly.  Employers often take advantage of these laws.

If you have a claim for unlawful discrimination or retaliation or if you are owed unpaid wages, contact our Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio employment lawyers today.