Addison, TX

Addison is recognized for its special events and unique amenities. Addison has special events 29 weeks out of the year. Some of the more popular events are Taste of Addison, Kaboom Town, and Oktober Fest. You’ll never be bored if you are in Addison, Texas. The Law Office of Rob Wiley, P.C. serves the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex including and specifically Addison, Texas.

Rob Wiley, P.C. has Texas employment lawyers in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.  Our Texas employment lawyers represent employees who are discriminated against and retaliated against by their employers.  The law prohibits discrimination based on age, race, gender, religion, disability, pregnancy, as well as other forms of discrimination. 

Additionally, our Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio employment attorneys represent employees in dispute against their employers for denied benefits and unpaid wages. Sadly, many employers take advantage of employees and do not pay employee the correct wages.  For example, many employers incorrectly pay salaries to employees that should be paid hourly.  This takes money out of employees pockets. The law, not the employer, determines who is a hourly employee and who is a salary employee.

If you have been subjected to workplace discrimination or if you have been denied wages or benefits, contact our Texas employment attorneys today.