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Current Cases

The Texas employment lawyers at Rob Wiley, P.C. handle a variety of employment and civil rights cases, and we have collected millions of dollars for employees. Below are brief descriptions of some of our recent cases. If you believe you have a similar matter and desire representation, please submit your case.

Age Discrimination

Campbell v. Ahern Rentals, Inc.
We represent Mr. Campbell against Ahern Rentals, Inc. The complaint alleges that the company laid off Mr. Campbell and others because of their age and replaced them with younger employees.

Garner v. RAC Ventures
We represent Mr. Garner in a lawsuit against RAC Ventures. The complaint alleges the RAC discriminated and retaliated against Mr. Garner as a result of his age. 
Disability Discrimination

McMichael v. Allstate Insurance Company
We represent Mr. McMichael in a lawsuit against Allstate.  The complaint alleges that Allstate discriminated against Mr. McMichael because of his disabilities by refusing to engage in an interactive process or provide reasonable accommodations for him.  

Family Medical Leave Act

Stephens v. Walmart Stores, Inc.
We represent Ms. Stephens against Walmart Stores, Inc. The complaint alleges that Ms. Stephens was terminated because she took FMLA leave to care for her ailing husband. The complaint further alleges that after Ms. Stephens told her manager she needed leave, he openly asked her to quit, and when she refused, he attempted to demote her, and eventually terminated her employment.
Federal Employees

Wink v. Department of Homeland Security 
We represent Mr. Wink in EEO complaints filed against FEMA, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.  The complaints allege that FEMA has discriminated against and harassed Mr. Wink, in addition to retaliating against him for his prior EEO activity.  
National Origin

Giles v. International Grain and Cereal
We represent Mr. Giles in a lawsuit against International Grain and Cereal. The complaint alleges the employer discriminated and retaliated against Mr. Giles because of his national origin and for complaining of the discrimination.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Shi v. StackPath, LLC
We represent Ms. Shi against StackPath, LLC. The complaint alleges StackPath fired Ms. Shi three days after Ms. Shi informed her manager of her pregnancy.

Associational Disability Discrimination

Rouse v. Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C.
We represent Ms. Rouse against Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C. (GPM). The complaint alleges that GPM fired Ms. Rouse, despite excellent performance, because her son has multiple disabilities.

Client Reviews
I would recommend the Law Office of Rob WIley, P.C. to anybody needing assistance with employment rights. They did an incredible job of handling my case professionally and in a very resonable time frame. In my initial consultation with Rob Wiley I was given a very straight forward analysis of my claims after which Fadi Yousef was the attorney assigned to my case. Working with Fadi was the best. He showed care and a true concern for the direction and result of my lawsuit. Fadi was always available and was in constant communication with me throughout. I thank Fadi Yousef, Rob Wiley and his team for doing a phenomenal job, they were an absolute pleasure to work with. R.G.
Rasha, Eric and Rob did it again a Second time around! I'll admit, they are truly the BEST employment lawyers out here in the Metroplex! Not only they won a case against my previous employer, they also won my unemployment insurance (UI) case as well! It is such a relief and a huge burden off my shoulders about not worrying how I'm going to pay my bills now and provide food for my family. I can't say enough how awesome they are and how far they go to make sure you are taken well care of. Thank you so much Rasha, Eric and Rob for all that you did for me! J.T.
Rasha Zeyadeh and Rob Wiley provided a very professional and comfortable experience. My case was tough being in Texas, but, Rasha worked very closely with me to get the best result possible. She was extremely open to listening to my concerns and suggestions, while using her expertise to guide me to the best result in my case. I would definitely recommend Rasha and Rob Wiley if you are in need of their type of service. I will use them again if needed! K.G.