Current Cases

The Texas employment lawyers at Rob Wiley, P.C. handle a variety of employment and civil rights cases, and we have collected millions of dollars for employees. Below are brief descriptions of some of our recent cases. If you believe you have a similar matter and desire representation, please submit your case.

Age Discrimination

Terrill v. Remington Hotels, LLC
We represent John Terrill in a lawsuit against Remington Hotels, LLC. The petition alleges that Mr. Terrill was terminated because of age.

McDonald v. Homestyle Dining LLC
We represent Mr. McDonald against Homestyle Dining. The Complaint alleges that Mr. McDonald was terminated because of his age and in retaliation for making protected complaints of discrimination to the companies General Counsel.

Disability Discrimination

Wernert v. The City of Dublin
We represent Christopher Wernert in a lawsuit against the City of Dublin, Texas.The petition alleges that Mr. Wernert was terminated because of a physical impairment of his knee.

[Doe] v. The City of Dallas
We represent a client in a lawsuit against the City of Dallas, Texas.The complaint alleges that our client was refused a job with the police department because of his bipolar disorder.

Fowler v. Hilton
We represent Ms. Fowler against Hilton.  The complaint alleges that Hilton fired Ms. Fowler because of her disability, a mobility impairment. After being given an accommodation for years, her new supervisor revoked the accommodation and subsequently fired her. 

Family Medical Leave Act

Acker v. General Motors LLC
We represent Lonny Acker in a lawsuit against General Motors and Sedgwick Claims Management. The complaint alleges that General Motors and Sedgwick interfered with Mr. Acker's right to take FMLA leave and retaliated against him for taking leave.

Fuller v. Anderson County and Sheriff Greg Taylor
We represent Ms. Fuller in a lawsuit against Anderson County and Sheriff Greg Taylor in his official capacity. The Complaint alleges that she experienced interference with her right to take FMLA leave and was ultimately terminated in retaliation for taking that leave.

Government Employees

Doyle v. United States Postal Service
We represent Doug Doyle in a EEO hearing against USPS. The complaint alleges disability discrimination, sex discrimination, and retaliation.

Liebbe v. Dallas I.S.D.
We represent Jeremy Liebbe in a federal lawsuit against DISD.  The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Liebbe was fired in retaliation for exercising constitutionally protected free speech. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Liebbe publicly complained that DISD was not conducting required employee background checks, placing students at risk. Shortly thereafter, DISD terminated Mr. Liebbe for "allegations that he acted outside the scope of his role of Manager of the Professional Standards Office."

National Origin Discriminaiton

Popovic v. Southern Methodist University
We represent Prof. Popovic in a lawsuit against Southern Methodist University.  The lawsuit alleges the professor was terminated because of his national origin, Serbian.  SMU terminated Prof. Popovich because a handful of students complained about his accent, lowering his student evaluations. 

Religious Discrimination and Accommodation

Robinson v. General Motors Company
We represent James Robinson and Chris Scruggs in a lawsuit against General Motors.The complaint alleges that Mr. Robinson and Mr. Scruggs were denied the right to take leave on religious holidays.

Shaw v. Texas Juvenile Justice Department
We represent Ms. Shaw in a lawsuit against the TJJD. The Complaint alleges that Ms. Shaw was denied the right to wear certain clothing items and religious jewelry required by her religion.


Wilson v. UPS Ground Freight, Inc.
We represent Laroderick Wilson in a lawsuit against UPS. The complaint alleges that Mr. Wilson was fired shortly after reporting race discrimination and filing a complaint with the EEOC.


Guzman v. Texas Workforce Commission
We represent Gilbert Guzman in lawsuit appealing the denial of his unemployment benefits.

Unpaid Wages and Overtime

Thompson, et al. v. International Paper Company, et al.
We represent Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against International Paper, United Steelworkers, and Local Union No. 895.The petition alleges breach of contract against International Paper and breach of duty of fair representation by the unions.

Gray, et al. v. SolomonEdwardsGroup
We represent a large number of employees in a collective action against SEG. The Complaint alleges that the employees were not paid overtime at the proper rate in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).